“I’m Not Supposed To Be Here” Docuseries

Follow Eddie, an audacious newcomer to the Latin music scene, as he faces insurmountable odds in order to achieve stardom. A never before seen glimpse inside the shady world of the entertainment industry from a singer/songwriter who captured his entire career on camera. Meet a tenacious Latin music star who will take you on the journey of a lifetime.

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This documentary follows Eddie, a wildly talented rising star on the Latin music scene, as he navigates the harrowing journey to stardom. This charismatic artist will take on world-renowned record execs and discover the shady underbelly of the music industry, proving that tenacious belief in yourself is the only way to become an unparalleled entertainer!


A behind-the-scenes look at the music industry reveals what artists must face when chasing their passion. Eddie, a Miami-based music artist, born in Puerto Rico, is determined to achieve success at any cost. When he is denied a rightfully earned recording contract with Sony Music, he must make some tough choices. Giving up is not an option.

A relentless pursuit of a lifelong dream takes Eddie on the journey of a lifetime. He will travel to the ends of the world to find himself and his purpose, but at what cost? Eddie suspects someone is stealing money, but this is the least of his problems.  As the band’s popularity rises, just trying to keep them together may prove impossible!

Eddie’s rebellious nature lands him in hot water in Russia and Turkey for making anti-government, pro-free-speech statements during his concerts. But it’s in Australia where Eddie starts to understand the consequences of his actions when his passport is confiscated, and Melbourne police detain the whole tour.

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