Eddie’s rebellious nature lands him in hot water in Russia and Turkey for making anti government, pro free-speech statements during his concerts.

Episode 1

Eddie wins a recording contract with Sony Music but things don’t work out as planned.

Episode 2

Torn between quitting or keep going Eddie needs to make some tough decisions.

Episode 3

With the bit of success obtained, Eddie tries to make a TV show to promote his band.

Episode 4

After a tough start things finally begin to take shape but not without the usual stone in the shoe.

Episode 5

An artist’s biggest nightmare comes true when Eddie’s manager starts stealing money from him.

Episode 6

With success comes trouble and trouble soon visits the band and tries to split them up.

Episode 7

The band is falling apart at the seams and Eddie must choose between friendship and business.

Episode 8

Eddie finds huge trouble while on the road and the future of the tour is now in question.